You made the decision to work from home, and your path led you to your current network marketing business. But have you created a personal website for it yet? There are several ideas for helping you successfully run your network marketing business—you might use affiliate marketing, you might have a side website about a topic of your interest, you might have a social networking account or profile, etc. But, whatever your network business is, you need to have a WordPress site to promote it. Here are some reasons why you cannot go without having a website.

Network Marketing Business Success In A Year

First, a WordPress blog (website) is one of the best interactive tools that you can have for your business. Your blog will allow you to write original posts, which will then be viewed by people who are interested in reading them. These readers can then comment on what you have written. Giving your readers the power to interact with you keeps them interested and creates warm leads for the products or services you offer through your network marketing business.

Second, your WordPress site will help you get established as a resource in your niche. This is because all search engines—especially Google—love good content, which is what you will be providing. They love the fact that blogs are updated frequently and that they always have original content. People who have an interest in what you are blogging about, will find you; these are your followers, and these are the people who might actually do business with you.

Third, WordPress blogs are free, for the most part. You can use the free version of WordPress, but it has limited capabilities. If you want a site you can fully customize, and make it look very professional too, skip the free WordPress site altogether. Pay for hosting, a domain name, and use a free or paid WordPress theme; it really adds value to your network marketing business.
Fourth, you get free content. When people comment on your blog, the content is yours to use in whichever way you deem fit. You will find that other experts also comment on your blogs if your original post is good enough. So, you don’t just get ideas; you actually get things that you can use in other ways.

Fifth, blogs can be used to generate leads. If you have written an eBook—or you have had one ghostwritten—put it on your site for free download. When people want to go download it, require them to go through a lead capture page where you collect their contact information. You will get their email addresses, and they have now become your leads.
As you can see, there are various ways in which a WordPress website (blog) can enhance the prospects of your network marketing business. Do not ignore its power, and what it can do for you.

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