In the current climate of social media and its overwhelming presence, it is crucial for every network marketer to have a website, particularly a WordPress blog. You may be inclined to fight against the uprising of technology, but in reality, if you do not have a website, you are fighting a losing battle against the internet onslaught.
In order to have a fighting chance of being successful in a sea of network marketers, you as a network marketer must start a website, and specifically a blog. But not just any blog, but a WordPress blog that is professional, presentable, easy to navigate, and provides a great deal of value.

WordPress Blogging Network Marketers Success In A Year

To get started, you should create a self-hosted WordPress blog and host it on your own hosting space. You can get cheap hosting in places like Hostgator. Next, you need to register your own domain name. Consider using your name as your domain name; a domain name like John Smith or Jack Williams dot com is a good way to get started because in network marketing, you are marketing yourself, not just your network marketing company. You don’t need a website that reads like an Amway manual, because the official Amway website, a quick Google search, or even a Wikipedia article can provide that information. Thus there is no need for you to create another informational site about your network marketing company. Instead, you need to create a blog that sells you as a marketer. That is the first and most important tip for any network marketing blogger.

Your next step should be to make sure that you are creating content frequently. Consider posting at least three entries or articles every week, especially in the beginning, when you are first getting started. Of course, you do not need to post long essays. People who are surfing the internet tend to want information to be short, sweet, and to the point, and they want to be able to find it quickly and easily. Short posts are perfectly acceptable, so you can spread out your long stories into short posts; it helps you create a writing habit for yourself that keeps your readers or blog subscribers coming back for more.

When selecting a theme for your WordPress blog, remember to choose a theme that allows easy scrolling and navigation. A good tip is to select a blog theme with a sidebar navigation, preferably on the right, as Google tends to scan the blog’s content from left to right. Blog posts are all indexed separately. Collectively, each of your blog posts can get traffic cumulatively exceeding the main home page. But if your side bar is on your left, Google will wind up reading the SAME content (the sidebar) over and over again since it scans from left to right. And duplicate content is bad news.

Lastly, if you struggle with writing, you can either outsource articles that can be used as blog updates to a ghostwriter or ghost ‘blogger.’ You can use pictures, videos, podcasts, or any other media resources you have, to get your message across. The key is not to be paralyzed by analysis. Just get started, and you will find your way as you go.

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