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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - ARISTOTLE

Do You Have What It Takes?

My name is Steve and I am looking for serious entrepreneurs who want to start a new business of their own, or expand their existing business, and take it to new heights over the next 12 months. Join me as I guide you on your journey of success.

Who Is This Steve Guy Anyway?

My name is Stephen B. Henry. My friends call me Steve. I am known by many online as the WordPress Wizard or the Coach’s Coach. My work with authors, retailers, coaches, web developers, small business owners, and other solopreneurs, takes them from website to wealth as I guide them on their journey of success. This exciting, powerful, and motivating program will enable you to reach your next level. It covers personal growth, business success, and online presence. It really is up to you. Let me work with you today!

Steve’s Success In A Year program runs through a full year, 12 months, delivering 12 intense 30-day learning modules that are the foundation for growing your personal and business success. These 12 modules each cover 3 major success focus areas: personal growth, business success, and online presence. Each 30-day module begins with a focus on one of the items listed below and then expands into other important and related issues: 

Each of these 30-day modules includes the following seven sections:

Keynote Speaker Success In A Year

Keynote Presentation: Each of the 30-day program modules begins with a concise, but powerful, keynote address that speaks to the theme of the current module. We encourage you to listen at least once to each of the twelve keynote videos. These have been prepared specifically for students in the Success In A Year program by one of the world’s leading creators of personal development, business success, and other educational materials, for use by trainers, educators, and self-directed study programs.

Personal Development: All of us need to expand and growth within ourselves and our lives as we engage with others. The thing is, we get busy, tied up in the every day aspects of our lives. We don’t always take the time we need for ourselves. This section of each module focuses on the things we can to make better use of our time and ways to do those things we need to be doing. This section will cover ideas, proven methods, and the available tools and resources we can apply to develop and embrace the mindset we need for ongoing success.

Business Success Stephen B. Henry

Business Success: Most students attending this program will already have, or want to have, a successful business of their own. Those who don’t will quickly discover that the policies, procedures, and processes of running a successful business can actually be applied to your own personal life and job (if you are working for someone else). Learning the disciplines, the concepts and their application, as required to run a business of your own will go along way toward a successful life, too. And, who knows, some day you may want a business.

Online Presence Success In A Year

Online Presence: A lot of things, whether in business or personal life, happen online today. Entire businesses are run online without any real world engagement. Many people long to leave their job and find success with a business of their own, but are afraid they can’t afford the setup and on-going costs. They are often surprised to learn how little it costs to run a successful online business that can produce a part time or full time income. Learning about the various aspects of online presence is often the dividing line between success or failure.

Recommended Reading Success In A Year

Recommended Reading: Surveys have shown that the vast majority of people have not read a book since leaving school. Even professionals with higher education often only read technical books and periodicals that relate to their profession. And sometimes, not even that. Each module includes a list of recommended reading material for each of the three major areas of the program. Sometimes this optional material requires separate payment from an outside source, and sometimes it is available without extra charge right inside the program.

Downloadables Stephen B. Henry SIAY

Downloadables: Each module in the Success In A Year program includes a number of items — ebooks, reports, infographics, podcasts and other recordings — which can be downloaded for your own use when away from the program. Some of these items were created specifically for this program while others are available in many places for a fee but are included here at no additional cost. All of them are from top coaches, key performers, and successful business owners and professionals. Steve has personally hand selected each of them for you.

Additional Bonuses Success In A Year

Additional Bonuses: When this program first started there were only a few of these scattered throughout the modules. But Steve has continued to seek out new material and add it into the program. This material includes variety of deliverable modalities in products created by experts in all disciplines. Sometimes it goes beyond the focus of the program and sometimes it is deeply intertwined. In every case it is material you should examine carefully and consider how it might benefit you on your own journey of success.

In Each Module You Will Also Receive Access To Both Of These

One On One Monthly Meeting SIAY

Early in the first module you will engage in a personal one-on-one call with Steve to discuss your current situation, needs, and goals. In every module, including the first, you will receive another personal one-on-one call to discuss in detail any questions or issues you are having with the program and/or other factors, including things you would like to see added to, or expanded in, the program. Steve will work with you individually to ensure your success as you work through each of the twelve modules.

Group Zoom Session SIAY

During each 30-day module you will be able to attend at least one group Zoom session open to all members of the Success In A Year VIP facebook support group. In these calls you will be able to exchange ideas, questions, and other thoughts with Steve and the other members of the group. This call will not be tied exclusively to your current program module as it may be different from other students. You will be able to discuss your current module, previous or up-coming modules, and any other aspects of your personal, business, or online success.

Many entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out, want success and they want it now! Wanting success is a good thing, but knowing how to be successful, and then working and building towards it, is even better. This program will help you learn the things you really need to know. Steve will help you apply them in your own life and move forward as you reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Don Silver, writing for Chris Ducker’s blog, reminds us, “According to many sources, more than 90% (Ninety percent) of all Internet business start-ups end in failure within the first 120 days.” Ouch! 120 days! Really? That is a hare reality to face.

And even harder to face, even more alarming, is the fact that many of those businesses have been around longer than 120 days — as much as several years in some cases — and have actually failed a long time ago. The owners/solopreneurs running them have just not figured it out, or admitted this fact to themselves. Do not fall into this failure trap. Let Steve be your guide on your journey of success. Join Steve’s Success In A Year program today!

So what is the real reason so many online businesses fail? In many ways it is due to the requirements for entry being so low. Most online business startups can ignore the pre-launch practices that lay their foundation for success. They can side-step the early actions that are necessary for growing a successful business. And they do not need to bother with their own personal development so necessary to support successful business growth in the months and years ahead. At least they think they can ignore these things until failure finally catches up with them.

It looks, and even feels, easy at first but it isn’t really. All in all, it leads to sloppy planning, if there is any planning at all, and careless personal and business practices that ultimately end in failure; even disaster. I have seen this happen so many small businesses, professionals, and solopreneurs over the years. Have you been allowing failure to creep into your business and personal growth practices without even knowing it? Do you struggle with technology? Have the roots of failure been there since the beginning, just waiting; a field of virtual thorns that prevents you from creating  your success? It is not too late! Not if you take action today!

I sincerely hope you do not suffer from these issues! But if so, let me offer a real solution. You can succeed and fulfill your dreams. Turn those wonderful ideas into profitable businesses and personal success stories. It takes hard work and especially intense personal commitment and dedication. Most people cannot do it on their own. Most will not do what it takes, though many will try. However, you need not go it alone, especially when real help is at hand. Let me guide you on your personal journey of success. Join Steve’s Success In A Year personal growth and business training program today!

Here Is What You Get

Note: “Immediate access” means immediately available upon your first access to the program content after payment of your first of 12 30-day payments. The last 24 months of the MarketStorm Magazine subscription are only available upon completion of all 12 modules.

Two Special Bonuses Upon Completion

Serious entrepreneurs, from all fields and niches, may subscribe to this program. The launch price for this program is US$97.00 per module for 12 consecutive 30-day periods. Steve has made this affordable for everyone, and you can do it. Those who complete the program will also get two very special bonuses to acknowledge their commitment and dedication.

Special Bonus #1

A certificate of completion suitable for framing. It may be just a piece of paper but it will remain as a special visual signal to remind you of your effort, commitment, dedication, and success. It will always prove you can do, in fact did, what was required of you.

Special Bonus #2

Lifetime full Silver Level membership access to Steve's personal and business development membership site. ( Normally US$68/month, you receive full Silver Level access upon completion of all 12 modules at no additional charge for as long as you like. Get exceptional access to a growing repository of information, 1300+ private blog posts, resources, downloads, training courses, and more. Plus continued personal support from Steve. Everything you need to guide you on your journey of success in subsequent years.

Steve's Success In A Year Personal Growth & Business Success Program

Only US$97/month for 12 Months.

You do not need a PayPal account to sign up. You can use major credit/debit cards through PayPal without an account. Your first payment will be made today upon subscription through PayPal. You will be making a total of 12 payments – this one and 11 more. Each subsequent payment will be charged once about every 30 days. We do not have access to your PayPal account nor to your credit/debit card. You may cancel at any time. Payments will stop upon cancellation. Once you establish your payment subscription you will be returned to this site and have immediate access to the first module of the program. Due to the nature of, and access to, the information provided in this program, there are no refunds of payments already made. In this regard you agree not to make PayPal or credit card claims. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Our email address is: — we typically respond in 24 hours or less. Please note that the PayPal payment account name is Lora M. Henry.

This Is An Evergreen Program - Sign Up Any Time - Your Twelve 30-Day Modules Begin When You Do