Personal websites in the form of blogs are being widely used not only by a myriad of internet marketers, but by network marketers in particular, as it pertains to our discussion. Blogs are websites where the owner of the blog, known as the blogger, creates posts discussing their chosen topic, and then people read the posts and then post comments in reply. Here are some reasons why blogs, and WordPress blogs in particular, are so important, and such a good fit, for network marketers.
First, blogs are interactive. Blogs are one of the few tools online that allow people to come together and discuss a particular thing in such a lasting, intimate manner. Other types of social sites do promote conversation, but not in any long-term fashion; blog entries can be sorted, categorized, and do not disappear after an hour or a day. Blogs differ from static websites in that they do not allow readers to communicate with the makers of the website.

Using a WordPress Blog for Network Marketing Success In A Year

Second, blogs have the ability to provide you with feedback. Network marketers who maintain blogs come to learn a lot from the comments they receive. They can know whether people are liking their products or services or not, and if they are not, what the shortcomings are. They can know what their readers think about the business opportunity. They can even get a feel for whether or not they have been too forceful in selling. Feedback assists network marketers in improving the quality of their blogs. And with the WordPress tools available to them, this helps them to facilitate the process.

Third, blogs are constantly updated. Even if you only post once every three days or so, your blog will still generate a good deal of conversation because of the comments. Hence, your blog stays current. Popular blogs get comments every few minutes.

Blogs are loved by the search engines. Search engines love blogs because they are constantly updated and because they are visited by so many people. However, search engines love nothing more than great quality content, so even the most professionally put together WordPress blog will not rank highly if the content is subpar. For search engines, blogs mean valuable information of the kind people are looking for.

Fifth, blogs can attract experts. Experts in your industry, maybe even in your business, might visit your blog and make a comment or two. This gives you a channel of communication with them. You could even make an interesting collaboration with them in the future.

Blogs help you take advantage of shared traffic. When someone makes a comment on your blog, the door has been opened for you to make a comment on their blog. Just as their website URL will appear on your blog, your website URL will appear on theirs, which means greater exposure for you. As a result of this shared traffic, you see increased activity on your blog.

Blogs can identify you as an expert. If you blog constantly, your followers are left with the impression that you have so much information to share, that you must blog frequently, since you have so many things to write about. Additionally, when they see other industry experts writing on your blog, your credibility improves, too. This is a tremendous boost to your business.
Eighth, blogs attract targeted traffic. The visitors to your blog will only be people who have an interest in the subject matter of your blog. This means you are generating good quality traffic, all of whom have an interest in your product. It is easier to convert these warm leads into customers, than it is to attempt to convert those who have shown no interest in you.

Blogs provide content. After you have been posting to your blog for some time, you will have a good amount of rich content at some point. All of this good information can be used in various ways. One of the ways is to use that content to make an eBook which you can use for further promotion.

Finally, blogs can earn passive income. You can monetize your blog by using WordPress tools to earn you payouts and affiliate commissions, based on the activity of the readers of your blog. One of the most common ways to get paid is through pay per click (PPC) advertising.

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